Monday, January 24, 2011

The Anatomy of a Mistake

A few thank you cards for co-workers. I'm really into colored pencils lately. The last one is the result of a smudge from my hand on the card turned into a thumb-print design. One of my favorite things in life: turning a mistake into something intentional.

Which leads me to this amazing book, Mess: The Manual of Accidents and Mistakes, by Keri Smith (who I've mentioned previously because she's super sweet). It's an amazing journal/sketchbook full of fantastic ideas to stretch your mind out of your average thoughts on the creative process. More than that, it has some great ideas for just mixing up a Saturday and enjoying life more. Some ideas in this book:

-Go on an adventure with no money. Document it here.
-Create your own recipe using only things you have in your fridge and cupboard. Attempt something you've never made before.
-Try using your hand as a writing instrument. Use whatever method possible.


I got this journal at Crewcuts, J. Crew's kids store. Is it for kids? Did I think about this before I bought it? Am I now positive after doing some of the exercises that it doesn't matter? Find out all this and more when you buy this book!