Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Is This the New Graffiti: Part 2

A couple months ago I posted about what I believe to be a "stuff" graffiti artist. Last time it was marshmallows scattered for blocks. A couple days ago I saw this pile of pennies strewn all over the sidewalk.Again, pretty clever. Not anything that's hurting someone or the aesthetic environment and it will probably be gone in a few days. I'm into it.

Down to There

Rarely can I say I love everything someone does, but everything Martin Margiela does is amazing. Here is a look from S/S 09 that is bananas. They made a Barbie out of it, too, which is enough bananas to split your head. Also Lady Gaga is wearing him and Jay-Z is rapping about him. Which is to say, if life were like the SATs, there would be a question like this: Tommy Hilfiger: 90's Rap: Martin Margiela: 2000's Pop, which makes him badass. Also there would be a sub question that would say: Tommy Hilfiger: monkey-faced: Michael Jackson: dead. What was the question again?

Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm Still In Love With You

Love this album cover. And as always, Al Green is still The Man.

Thought I'd include this video, too, because I know more than a few people who'd love to wear that blazer.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tender Buttons by Broadcast

About 20 seconds into this video I realized my mouth was hanging open.

Zombie Stardust

I was thinking of being Zombie David Bowie for Halloween. Let you know how it goes.

Creepy Snow Globes

I love these snow globes depicting depressing, foreboding, surreal, and just plain ominous scenes. I actually got to see these in person last year at a Chelsea gallery, where a woman with white gloves was asking "Would you like me to shake this?". Why, yes! They are by Walter Martin and Paloma Munoz. I think I'm in aesthetic love.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Learn Something For Your Big Brain

These illustrators from Britain post an interesting fact everyday with an equally awesome drawing. My favorite obviously is the longest fart, mostly because I like to imagine what farts sound like to other people. To me the best ones are like "BREEEEaaaa-PP-P!" A little like Louis Armstrong doing scales. Enjoy! Hope you have a great weekend, wherever you are. Here in New York it is a gorgeous day. The air is getting crisp, the birds are going south and I am looking forward to a spectacular fall with pumpkin carving parties and lots of knee highs.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Basil Wolverton: A Totally Cool Guy

Remember when you used to sneak around reading Mad Magazine when you were a kid because it felt like you were doing something bad? I think it was the grotesque illustrations of oozing pimples, farts, drinking, and sagging cleavage that both intrigued me and made me feel like I was doing something adult and off-limits. It was no Psalty the Singing Songbook, which is what I was normally exposed to. Well, Basil Wolverton was responsible for a lot of those feelings. He drew for Mad in the 50's, but it inspired the gross-out aesthetic of the magazine in its later years. These drawings are so cool and shocking still. Read more about him in the NYT article.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

About Town

A duck spontaneously combusts near the Cloisters.
A birthday card I made for my friend, Jay.
Love this image.
I cannot figure out what is being portrayed here.
Security googly eyes.

Some images I have been gathering from outings around the city.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Red Sea

Toes and secret drinks.
A friend's bag.
A crazy Londoner's willing and awesome socks.
A stranger's bike.
A friend's style.
If you're wondering what's red here you might think a pigeon's feet.
A friend's bra.
Red everywhere!
Ketchup amongst friends.
A sleepy parked truck driver let me take this.
Please don't walk.

One day recently I decided to take pictures of everything red I saw. I ended up meeting some interesting people asking if I could photograph their socks and bikes and such. Also, it was a great capsule of how I spent the day. I highly recommend it. Here are the results.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Super Solveig!

I love this girl. Solveig is her name. She's a 10 year old baller graffiti artist. Regardless of being super young and a baller, I love her art! It reminds me of some sketches I have done. The colors are spectacular and the images positive. So good to see. The Scare Cuts one is my favorite. Enjoy! Have a great day, wherever you may be.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Is this the new graffiti?

It started with just a few and I thought, weird, marshmallows on the ground. Then I started seeing more and more and for a bunch of blocks. Is this the new graffiti? Leaving piles of harmless stuff everywhere? It wasn't hurting anybody, it wasn't really trash, it was hilarious. What's your new graffiti?