Friday, May 15, 2009

Bum Bags for Your Bum Head

They're finally here, or should I say back. Cap Sacs (which reminds me of Achewood's Chat Sacks), a resurrected 80's brand, is here just in time for acting a fool all summer!

How'd they know?

New Pepsi Max ad campaign aimed at men and me.

Gabriela Fridriksdottir

Icelandic artist Gabriela Fridriksdottir is creepy and great and weirdly futuristic. Here is an excerpt about her work:

"The drawings, sculptures, music experiments, and videos...create a microcosm with surreal qualities, which is peopled by hybrid and sexually charged creatures who can be read as metaphors for melancholy and excess."

Blarg. Enjoy. Peruse.

Tiny Hats are a Big Deal

I love this tiny straw boater hat from Chapeau Claudette. It's tiny! It's not a regular size! It alters your perspective! Just try wearing this hat and drinking out of that little cup and tell me that doesn't freak you out.